A GFSI Certified
Packaging Supplier
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Packaging News

We are a premiere GFSI certified packaging supplier that is truly your single source for all of your packaging and mailing needs. We're here to help you every step of the way, utilizing over 20 years of experience working with companies just like yours. Take a look at some of the advantages now.
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SipP Capw88top优德88官方网站

The single best caps on the market for infants and toddlers, four carefully placed holes mean real support and appeal.

Pouches优德88官方网站 www.w88108.com

We create some of the most durable pouches in the industry today. Our high strength ratings offer real power to your products.


Looking for the toughest rollstock in the industry? Don't look past our products. With great sizing and seals, we offer you much more!


Choose the one company that can offer you the widest range of labels available today. We have a customized solution that meets your needs and budget.

Folding Cartons优德88官方网站安全吗

Large or small, we're here to make sure the folding cartons you get are ideal to meet your needs.

Retail Bagsw88优德官方网站001

Choose from unlimited options with our retail bag selections. Create a new branding strategy that works perfectly for your products now.

Shrink Sleevesw88优德888官方网站

Choose from up to twelve different colors and outstanding graphics with our shrink packaging. Don't worry about multiple SKUs with these sleeves.

Packaging Equipmentw88优德官方网站手游

Need great packaging equipment choices? Let us help now. We offer some of the best options in the industry, customized to fit your needs exactly.

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